Start listening for events

For most applications this is the only necessary function. It optionally accepts a configuration provided by lambda_config.


Start the Lambda runtime

About lambdr

lambdr lambdr-package

lambdr: Create a Runtime for Serving Containerised R Functions on AWS Lambda

Lambda configuration

The start_lambda function accepts a configuration object provided by lambda_config. If the Lambda environment is configured correctly (eg. the handler function is set through the Lambda console) then this will often be unnecessary. Bespoke solutions may require additional configuration options such as Base64 decoding, custom serialisation, etc.


Set up endpoints, variables, and configuration for AWS Lambda

Helper functions


Prepare a HTML response for a Lambda behind an API Gateway


Raise an error with an optional HTML status code for API Gateways


Convert an R object to stringified JSON matching AWS Lambda conventions


Convert a list to a single character, preserving names


Decode a Base64 encoded value to a string